December 17, 2021

Otumfuo Tells Government To Review 10% Investment Allocation For Chiefs

His Royal Majesty Otumfuo Osei Tutu II has called for the revision of the constitution on percentage allocation for investors and chiefs during resource exploitation on the land.

He said a 90% allocation for investors and 10% for chiefs during resource utilization does not come right and therefore must be revisited by the government.

Otumfuo noted that the availability of resources in the country must buy the state an upper hand of receiving higher percentages as compared to that of investors.

“I believe there must be a revision in the constitution so that if there’s a mineral resource at Mampong and there must be investment why must the investment take 90% and we take 10%, Norway didn’t have funds but had oil yet they took the greater share.
“you’ve given a concession why does the chief not enjoy equity, they are taking our monies in the name of royalties, the government takes its share why not the chiefs,” Otumfuo said.

The revision of the constitution on the investment aspect is an essential one that needs urgent attention.

He raised the concerns at the Ashanti Regional House of Chief’s End of Year General Meeting which saw the presence of the Lands and Natural Resources Minister, Abu Jinapor, and a delegation from his ministry and some lawyers.
Asantehene in line with the new Land Act 2020 act 1036 said that in the Asante kingdom, chiefs do not render account on lands to anyone.

As a result, no individual can require an account on lands from them whilst cautioning that no family or individual owns land in the Asante Kingdom.

“in the Asante Kingdom I gave the lands to the stool and that no family or individual owns land here.
“chiefs do not render account to any person, no one can ask for an account on lands from us, yes we do give reports but not to anybody at all otherwise where lies my kingship.”

Otumfuo said although the act presents laws guarding all persons in the country the Asante kingdom has its own that also governs them and that sale of land to multiple persons by a chief calls for destoolment.

“The Land Act exists but here we have our own guidance that’s why when a chief sells lands to multiple persons I will destool him,” he said.

His Royal Majesty called also for the chief’s engagement in concession given out by the government. This he said will foster the chief’s guidance in preventing galamsey in their communities.

“again, chiefs must be informed before the minerals commission gives out a concession.
“We should allow chiefs to also give approval for a concession so that they know the company in charge so that we know that Bekwai has equity and that the chief together with the township will become soldiers on their land, there wouldn’t be galamsey operation.”

Proper population planning must also be considered by the government so as to devise effective natural occurrences control especially flooding.

“Who gives permit for construction, why then do we have buildings in waterways.
“The population is growing so why don’t we have forward planning to know that initially, we were 5000 now were 20,000, we have to demarcate this area for stores for space yet we see nothing because of fear of losing votes.”

Source: Monica M. Appiah-Manu.

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