Sammy Awuku: I Support E-levy, Consultation Should Increase

Sammy Awuku has thrown his support behind the government’s 1.5% Electronic Transactions Levy (E-levy) policy yet to be passed or otherwise, by the Parliament of Ghana.

“I support the E-levy”, he admitted.

He indicated that homegrown solutions have become the order of the day for various countries after the COVID-19 pandemic shredded economies of all nations across the globe.

Additionally, he pointed out that many businesses migrated to digitalisation hence the need to get them taxed through the new policy.

“COVID taught us that in moments of crisis, in our darkest hour, we have to dig deep to find solutions within. All over the world, governments and nations are digging deep into their own internal foundation to find solutions. COVID also made us realise that the job that we see face-to-face is now moved online.”

The NPP National Youth Organiser also asserted that town hall meetings organised by the government to win public support for the controversial policy, are bearing good fruits.

“I’m happy we have a very listening government and Finance Minister. Together with the team, they have embarked on roadshows. I have heard many people and even some NDC friends say, ‘you had a very good reason how come we are now getting to understand’ “, he claimed.

He also indicated that consultations must be increased.

He stated that the levy will be a defined source of revenue for this government and subsequent governments.

Source: Fuseini

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