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Sachet Water To Sell AT 50 Pesewas

Manufacturers and producers of sachet water which is also known as ‘Pure Water’ have announced to the general public an increment in their prices.

Effective from Monday, 19th of September 2022 the prices of sachet water will increase from 30pesewas to 50pesewas.

They lamented the economic hardship in the country has affected production and since they do not want to run at a loss and also don’t stop production they have to make these adjustments in prices to help themselves and Ghanaians.

They talked about the increase in fuel prices, the dollar rate, high production costs, and many others.

Also, the prices of bottled water will increase with the small and medium bottles selling at GHC2 and GHC3 respectively.

A pack will also be purchased at GHC7 from the depot but purchased at a cost of GHC9 retailers and shops. Karikari Afriyie

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