Pragya Is An Aspect Of Tourist Attraction – MCE

The Municipal Chief Executive for Asokore Mampong Municipal Assembly, Honourable Kennedy Kankam has announced that tricycles (Pragya) in his community are for tourist attraction due to how the majority of people ride with.

Honourable Kankam averred that in foreign countries such as India, different people tour their country because of pragya which makes it fun.

He indicated that the tricycles (pragya) in his municipal are over 12,000 which he is proud of and even looks out for more to come in.

Tricycles popularly known in Ghana as “yellow yellow”, “Mahama Can Do” “Adedeta” or “Pragya” comes cheaper in terms of cost of transportation as compared to a car or motorbike.

According to Mr. Kankam, the only issue affecting the public is how majority of the tricycle riders don’t obey rules and regulations on the road which needs to be stopped.

In an interview with George Opoku Mensah (Agudey) on Opemsuo Radio, Honorable Kankam said, the unfavourable behaviours of some riders using their motor for criminal activities are something that needs to be curbed immediately.

He urged tricycle riders to obey rules and regulations on the road for their own benefit.

Source: Gloria Opoku

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