The Economy Will Grow If We Start Eating More Eggs – Poultry Expert

The Chairman of Poultry farmers in the Ashanti region, Mr. Boris Badu has asserted that the economy of Ghana will grow if we start eating more eggs.

Mr. Badu said, the eating of eggs daily by Ghanaians can help boost the planting of food and job because the farmers would have to produce more corn which in return will decrease the unemployment rate in Ghana and will generate billions of cedis for the government which will strengthen the economy.

Moreover looking at the nutritional value of an egg, it is very important to consume one daily.

Also, Mr. Badu touched on the importation of chicken into the country. He said the importation of chicken will make it difficult to get a healthy chicken to consume, will make the dollar stabilization difficult, and also will increase the unemployment rate in the country.

Boris B advised all Ghanaians to adopt the act of consuming the local chicken.

The government should abolish the importation of chicken to help boost the economy.

Source: Wendy Amakye

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