Parliamentary Brawl: Kwame Pianim Wants MPs To Apologise

Former government official, Kwame Pianim says Members of Parliament must apologise to Ghanaians for belying Ghana as a beam of democracy in Africa.

In December 2021, the “honourable House degenerated into a brawl with very honourable members putting aside their debating skills” while debating on the E-levy “to exhibit their punching prowess”.

Kwame Pianim, speaking at the John Evans Atta Mills Memorial Heritage Launch, noted that he has decided to cease addressing MPs as honourable till they apologise to the nation of Ghana.

“I will not address any of our current Members of Parliament as honourable until they apologise to Ghanaians, for dimming the bright light of Ghana as a beacon of democracy”, Kwame Pianim stated.

The conduct of the MPs was widely condemned, however, no official apology has been offered to the people of Ghana.

Source: Fuseini

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