Lady Almost Loses Finger Wearing Fiancé’s Ring

It took a combination of fervent prayers and a medical intervention to rescue the fourth finger of a 25-year-old Ghanaian woman from falling off after she wore a promise ring her fiancé gave her.

Evelyn Detordzi was excited about the fact that she and her lover would be tying the knot soon, settling down and spending the rest of their lives together; hence, she couldn’t wait to wear the ring that he gave her.

She did not have any reason to suspect that her lover had any evil thoughts against her, so although her pastor warned her not to wear the ring until it was prayed over, she ignored the caution.

“I don’t think he had any evil intention or invoked anything before giving me the ring because we were going to get married soon,” she said, as quoted by myjoyonline.com.

In an interview, Detordzi, a resident of Sefwi Benumsuo in the Bodi District of the Western North Region, told Adom News that she couldn’t sleep throughout the night after wearing the ring. She was in severe pain only to wake up with a swollen finger on her left hand.

She realised that the mysterious promise ring had tightened into her flesh and bones, with the skin almost gone. All efforts to remove it, including a prayer by a pastor who applied oil to the affected finger, failed.

Sensing danger, Detordzi decided to seek help at the hospital, where she was fortunately freed from the mysterious promise ring.

Source: Pulse Ghana

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