A story circulating on a popular Facebook influencer Abena Manokekame’s page about two young lovers who met again after completing senior high school two years ago and exchanged contacts and started chatting on the worlds most renowned social media platform WhatsApp.
According to this guy whose identity have been withheld for now,he and the lady had been communicating since they reconnected and later received an invitation from the lady to her house which he finally honored after a long push by the lady. Unfortunately, upon his visit one thing led to another and they ended up being intimate which he felt so remorseful and called the lady to apologize upon getting to his apartment which the lady accepted and went forward to argue that it wasn’t the guys’ fault.
Later the lady started making advances towards him which he decided to reject due to his mental and emotional state and the financial pressures he was battling at the time. Later he accepted the lady’s offer and the two started having an affair of which sex became the integral part of such a young relationship since the lady had assured him, she was not going to get pregnant which she eventually did because the only pregnancy prevention method she preferred was the withdrawal method.
He stated, “this time I felt I had left sperms in my woman but she assured me she was not going to get pregnant and there was no need for a control pill and that she will be fine so I should trust her”.
This he said gave him comfort and so he did not bother to ask the lady after three weeks if she had seen her period because she said it was a hormonal imbalance and that everything was under control.
The unexpected happened and she tested positive to a pregnancy text conducted on her one evening. “We were as scared as we could be”, he said. I was just a national service personnel and she was also in school he continued. They were not financially sound nor emotionally ready to be parents so they opted for an abortion.
After the incidence he decided to break away from the relationship which he thought had taken away his peace. But the problem now is that he says the lady has a good personality which is making it difficult for him to break away since he is thinking she is going to be heartbroken.
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Source: Opemsuo.com

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