No One Died- DKB On Funny Face’s Accident

Ghanaian comedian Derick Kobina Bonney with the stage name DKB has provided an update on an accident involving Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng, popularly known as Funny Face, at the Kasoa Kakraba Junction in the Central Region.

The “Cow and Chicken” actor is reported to have knocked down five individuals including two children at the spot on Sunday, March 24 night.

Eyewitnesses at the scene alleged the actor was drunk and further reported at least one person had died.

“I packed my car and suddenly saw a car knock someone down. When I went over, it was Funny Face. He knocked a woman and her two kids before knocking two motors. The magnitude of the knockdown was extreme. Look, I have blood stained on my clothes. I went to the rescue of one of the children. The child is dead,” a man at the scene recounted.

However, the claim has been disputed by DKB who said he had been at the scene till 2 am on Monday.

“When I heard about Funny Face issue, I had to rush here and see how I can help so that I can organize boys- comedians and other celebrities- to get to the button of this. So as you can see, Millennium City, Kasoa.

“So I’ve extensively followed it till now. It’s about 2 am and I’m now going home. All I can say is that thanks to Ghana Police for coming to the scene quickly else we would have been lynched. And also the nobody is dead.”

Funny Face has been battling depression for some years and recently returned to the public scene after confining himself in a psychiatric clinic.

It is not certain if he is experiencing another episode but his condition seems to be linked to his separation from his kids. In a recent social media outburst, he called out the mother of his kids for refusing him the privilege of spending time with them.

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