IMF Isn’t Our Solution; We Need Diagnostic Measures For Permanent Solutions – UTAG

University Teachers Association of Ghana has released a statement on Ghana’s return to the IMF countering it as an inappropriate step in the economic crisis.

Speaking on Opemsuo Radio with Agudey, President of UTAG – UCC Chapter, Dr. Samuel Bert Kusi said “it has been a constant pattern under the 4th Republic that, within every five years, the country has to turn to the IMF when in an economic mess”.

According to him, “these measures put forward by the IMF are not long term based but temporary which does not sustain the country on the long run and anytime we exit from the IMF we enter into economic crises”.

He stated that “there are abled men, experts and intellectuals in the country that can be brought on the decision table to offer drastic diagnostic measures to the situation to put forth solutions that will sustain the country in the long run”.

Their claims are duly on the fact that conditions put across by the fund in most times go against public employment of which they happen to be part, and that, UTAG watch to see that such a step this time around does not hinder their earlier negotiations with the government about their salaries and allowances payment.

Source: Effah Mensah William.

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