April 3, 2023

Cweku Ryan Opens up on his Failed X Factor Audition

Vodafone Icons Street Edition 2013 winner,  Cweku Ryan has said that he failed X Factor audition. 

Speaking on Kumasifie  on Opemsuo FM with Mr Black  on Saturday, April 1, he said he almost gave up on his dreams to pursue music as a career after the auditions. 

He explained that his friends encouraged him not to give up, and pushed him to audition for Vodafone Icons which he won. However, he said being a winner of Vodafone Icons is a “load” because a lot is expected of him. 

“Being a winner is also good because i get certain favours which i would not have gotten if i had not won,” he added. 

Cweku Ryan mentioned that one of the challenges he mostly faces is promotion of his music. He complained bitterly about how expensive it is, especially for new artistes but he was hopeful. 

“Now promotion is more expensive compared to the past. To promote one`s music, an artiste  needs people who love, and want to connect with him,” he lamented.

He said he is not ready to give up yet, and will keep pushing to get to the top.

“Leaving the industry because of the challenges will be shameful to me,” he said. 

Cweku Ryan has recently released a new EP with title, “It isn`t dead”. According  to him, the songs are dedicated to his deceased mother. 





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