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Axim Patrol Officers Under Investigation Over Alleged Extortion

The Ghana Police Service has subjected two police officers to investigation following allegations of extortion in a viral video.

The officers with the Axim police patrol were captured in a viral video pleading with a number of young men who claimed the officers had demanded money from them.

Despite giving the officers money, the latter failed to abide by their portion of the deal, the accusers explained justifying the violence against the officers.

The video captured the officers overpowered and pleading on their knees with the group.

The violence against officers, according to a police statement, happened on March 9 and was reported the same day to the Axim Police Division.

The two minutes 12 seconds video came to light on social media after four of the young men were arrested on March 28.

In response to the clip, the police said the officers had been referred to the Police Professional Standard Bureau (PPSB).

The allegation of extortion against the officers has been referred to the Police Professional Standard Bureau (PPSB) for investigations.”



Source: Fuseini

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