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Teachers Flee Bawku Over Porous Security Situation

Effective teaching and learning are being affected in schools within the Bawku township of the Upper East Region, as parents are afraid to take their wards to school owing to the worsening renewed tribal conflict between the Kusaasis and Mamprusis.

Many teachers posted to schools within the township are also fleeing the area for safety as the security situation in the area deteriorates.

Since the age-long conflict began again last year, a day hardly passes without the municipal education directorate receiving requests from teachers seeking transfers out of the Bawku municipality to areas where their safety is guaranteed.

Often characterised by sporadic gunshots, the conflict has also left many residents with life-threatening gunshot wounds battling for their lives at various hospitals.

George Ayeriga Azeriga, the Bawku municipal education director, revealed that he has, so far, endorsed more than 50 transfers since the beginning of the term.

Ayeriga Azeriga said he is deeply worried the panic transfers would negatively impact teaching and learning in the schools,

He said schools located in the Bawku township, where the conflict is rife, are worst hit by the panic transfers.

“The whole of today and even beyond, we have had teachers who have come asking to be sent to other schools. And we have considered that and that is exactly what we are doing. For me, security is paramount and so if there are genuine fears that you (the teacher) cannot go to certain schools, we will not hesitate to take you to a school you think you can be safe.”

He added, “So far, I have done not less than 50 teachers since last week and as I said I believe more are yet to bring their letters to be sent to other schools.”

The education director, however, said deliberations have been held with the municipal security council to offer security protection to teachers and wards so that teaching and learning can go on effectively at the various schools.

“With regards to the safety of teacher and students, a meeting was held with MUSEC and there are plans to support teachers and students to go back to the various schools. The challenges are at the town schools, and so our focus will be what we will do for teachers and students there.”

The director, who further expressed worry about the prolongation of the conflict would have negative effects on children and their education, appealed to the feuding factions to let peace return to Bawku.

Meanwhile, some parents who spoke to Asaase News have appealed to the government to increase the presence of the security service personnel in Bawku and deploy the same to schools to ensure the safety of their children.

The parents say the security situation in the town has become increasingly deadly, adding that the government needs to step in with more security enforcement and detail some of the security personnel to protect teachers and students or they would not risk allowing their children to go to school.

Source: Asaase Radio

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