March 29, 2023

Report Of Investigations Into Kejetia Fire Released

The committee instituted to probe the fire that occurred at the Kumasi City Market Limited (KCML) has made available its report to the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA).

The Committee’s work covered the extent of damage in the affected areas and made recommendations.

The committee was constituted by KMA after a fire ravaged some shops in the market complex on March 15, 2023.

According to the report, the fire which started on the first floor of the connection area damaged fire fighting and detection systems, pipes and supports and 42 shops in the affected area.

The report of the investigation indicated that a gas cylinder found in the area of the fire was the cause.

Inspection on 1st floor showed some beams were affected by the fire and got visually burnt; some portions of the steel deck at the second level floor slab got visually damaged by the fire; the structure of some stores was affected by the surrounding area where the fire started, the report said.

Inspection on the 2nd floor showed cracks were evidenced on slabs however, no inspection was conducted on the ground floor due to inaccessibility, according to the report.

The electrical assessment showed some panels got damaged as well as the electrical infrastructure per the report. Additionally, the report found that the electrical panel room was used as a warehouse, an action the report noted is a serious fire risk.

Among its recommendations included restriction of the affected area; repair of damaged equipment; renewal of building permit, fire permit and EPA permits; review of maintenance/operation/safety plan and technical team available in the market Phase 1 staff; sensitisation of Market operation and maintenance staff; and continuous inspection of market facilities to prevent unauthorised activities in the market.


Below Is The Full Report: KEJETIA-FIRE-UPDATE-reporters



Source: Fuseini

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