May 17, 2022

National Security: Terrorists Have Ghana As A Target

The Ministry of National Security has issued a statement charging Ghanaians to take extra caution as terrorists working in the sub-region have targetted Ghana.

“The Ministry is making a strong appeal for heightened vigilance in areas of mass gatherings, especially at public places of entertainment and worship”.

It noted that the employment of guards, security gadgetry, and lighting of the areas of public gatherings would be of help.

“We urge managers of public places and gatherings to be extra vigilant”.

It added that at this point, there is the need to increase security measures and engage the public to be more careful.

The Ministry of National Security assured that the security agencies are working hard to ensure the safety of citizens.

In the recently published report of the West Africa Centre for Counter-Terrorism, (WACCE) it was found that “Ghana has been so close to terrorism”.

According to the report, Ghana’s proximity to countries such as Burkina Faso to the North, Benin, and Togo to the East, and Ivory Coast to the West who are experiencing terrorism, exposes the country to extremist recruitment or attacks, or both.

It also said, “the unending Bawku chieftaincy conflict, the ethnic tensions in Northern Ghana, and the unresolved challenge of Western Togoland separatists in the Eastern border regions amplify the risks.”

Additionally, it cited unemployment as another risk factor.

The report indicated that despite the numerous measures Ghana has put in place against extremist attacks which put the country on a good footing, the effectiveness of Ghana’s response will be determined by the State’s willingness to recognise that the battle against terrorism and the drivers that underpin it cannot be won on the battlefield alone.

Source: Fuseini

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