July 22, 2022

Mali Jihadists Blamed For Attack On Main Army Base

The Malian military says an attack on an army base just outside the capital, Bamako, was carried out by an al-Qaeda-linked group.

It says Katiba Macina used two cars packed with explosives to target the Kati camp, the army’s main military base.

A statement says seven assailants were killed and one soldier died.

People living in the area reported hearing heavy gunfire for around an hour and saw helicopters circling above the base, which is just 15km (nine miles) from Bamako.

For more than a decade, Islamist militants have been carrying out frequent attacks in Mali – but it is extremely rare for the jihadists to hit targets so close to the capital.

The violence comes as France is withdrawing its troops from the country after falling out with Mali’s military leaders.

Source: BBC

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