Look Out For Hygiene Permits Before Buying Food-FDA Cautions Public

The Food and Drugs Authority is sensitising members of the general public to be on the lookout for Hygiene Permits at various food services before patronising such services.

This is to safeguard the health and safety of the general public, the FDA says.

Operators of Food joints without Hygiene permits are also advised to regularise their activities by making their facilities available to the FDA for the inspections and facility licensing processes that will enable them to acquire valid Food Hygiene Permits.

According to Section 130(1) of the Public Health Act 2012, (Act 851), “A person shall not manufacture for sale, sell, supply or store products regulated under this part except in premises registered for that purpose under this part.

As such, the FDA prompts all operators of Food Service Establishments (hoteliers, restaurants/indigenous food providers, etc) that it is illegal to operate without a valid food Permit.

Furthermore, all food service Establishments already registered with the FDA are to immediately display their certificates.

Failure to get the permits, the FDA says will call for sanctions.

Source: Fuseini

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