Hamza Mohammed Reveals Key Causes Of Poor Attendance

Former Black Stars player, Hamza Mohammed, has added his voice to the issue of low attendance of football fans at the various stadia across the county.

Spectatorship has become a major talking point in the local league, and many have attributed it to various reasons.

Speaking to Hamza Mohammed, one of the players who embellished the local league with optimum performance on Opemsuo Radio, he attributed the low attendance of football fans at the stadium to a lack of quality in the local league.

According to the Tamale City Tactician, years back, there were household names like Stephen Oduro, Charles Taylor, Don Bortey, Michael Osei Ember Power and others who compelled many to the stadium, but the situation is not like that at the moment.

“The Local League lack quality, and it is the topmost factor causing low attendance. Now, football fans cannot mention two or three players to watch when they go to stadium, but it was not like that years back.”

“With enough quality and football being entertainment, people will come and watch,” he concluded.

Football fans at the stadium have a giant role to play in the contemporary world. They serve as the biggest sponsor to any club, but the situation here is not like that, and it is a reason many local clubs are hollering for financial support from the Government.

Source: Sasu Danquah.

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