FDA Releases An All-Star Music Video To Extenuate Drug Abuse

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has announced a release of a music video to campaign against illicit substance abuse among the youth in the country.

The music video features artists like Eno Barony, Yaa Yaa, Kwame Eugene, Article Wan, Bongo Bay, and Amrado.

It emphasizes the use of tobacco, recreational use of tramadol, and corresponding social enablers.

The video is staged in a mixed urban setting and depicts different scenes of substance misuse peculiar to communities in Ghana.

A statement from the FDA said, “the music video is an innovative strategy by FDA targeted predominantly at the youthful population of Ghana and intent on creating a more acceptable and accessible means of public sensitization to prevent abuse and diversion from licit to illicit use.”

The video was scheduled to be released yesterday.

Source: Fuseini

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