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Boy, 5, Shot Dead In Execution-Style

A 5-year-old Michigan boy was found dead Sunday after being shot execution-style inside his Detroit home alongside his mother and her boyfriend in what police are calling a triple-murder.

Caleb Harris had been shot multiple times in the face and killed inside the home with his mother, Lashon Marshall, and her boyfriend, Aaron Benson, according to Detroit Police.

Concerned family members who hadn’t heard from the family in about a week stopped by the home on Sunday and discovered the horrific scene. It’s unclear how long that period of time was before police were notified.

Police believe the murders happened before Sunday but have not released more details. They are searching for a suspect or suspects.

When family members arrived at the home to check on them, they found the back door had been kicked in, Detroit Police Chief James White said.

They discovered the bodies of the boy’s mother and her boyfriend, and called the authorities.

Detroit Police arrived on the scene and found Caleb’s body on the floor of his bedroom in the home. Police said he had been shot execution-style.

‘What mindset can anyone be in that would shoot a baby in the face intentionally?’ asked Gay-Dagnogo.

‘You have to be heartless. There is one thing to even a score or have issues with an adult but a child? A child is off limits.’

Caleb’s grandmother told Fox 29 that the boy’s father lives out of state and says he is devastated.

‘He loved to travel with his dad and with his mom,’ Floyd said. ‘He was her only child. He’s only five, so he had not much life to live.’ It’s unclear if the boy’s father and mother were divorced or separated.

Family members say they just want to know who would have done this, and why.

‘I just want justice for what they’ve done,’ she said. ‘He was only five years old and I just want to know why.’

Floyd said her grandson, Caleb, was a light, and that he should be looking forward to his sixth birthday right now.

‘He could have grown up to be anything he wanted,’ she said as she broke down in tears.

‘He’s our future, he was our future. Why would you take my grandson from me? I’m just lost, I’m devastated.’

Police say they are continuing to ask anyone with information about the crime to come forward and can call 1-800-SPEAK-UP.

‘Every resource we have is going to be dedicated to pursuing and apprehending the person that murdered this baby and the people in this home,’ Chief White said.

Source: Daily Mail

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