August 19, 2022

Akonta Mining Ltd Illegally Mining In Nimiri Forest Reserve

A Mining company by the name Akonta Mining Limited has illegally entered the Nimiri Forest reserve in the Western region of Ghana and is actively engaged in illegal mining activities.

This was confirmed by a report filed by United Television (UTV) after the Minerals commission issued a release to debunk an allegation by the Tamale North Member of Parliament that the Minister for Lands and Natural Resources has granted prospecting licence and Entry permit to Vimetco Bauxite Limited and Akonta Mining Limited despite a ban on prospecting in forest reserves.

In the statement, the Minerals Commission said Akonta Mining Ltd has applied for a prospecting licence and entry permit into the Tano Nimiri Forest reserve but the application is yet to be processed.

During an expedition by the Forestry Commission together with chiefs, opinion leaders, and some media into the forest reserve, it was noticed that Akonta mining is already raping the forest of its minerals.

According to UTV’s report, workers of Akonta Mining Company who were mining in the forest bolted upon sighting their presence, leaving their mining kits behind. The Forestry Commission then parked all the mining materials into its car and began their journey out of the forest.

A few hours to get out of the forest, they were accosted by some heavily built men who had blocked the road with two cars belonging to the mining company, the report said.

Present with them was one of the owners of the company only known as Mr Akuoko who argued with the officials of the Forestry Commission over the seized materials.

Until the materials were retrieved, the Forestry Commission and the stakeholders were not allowed to leave the forest, UTV noted.

Mr. Akuko is captured arguing with the officials of the Commission that “without any warrant, you (Forestry Commission) have come to take away my (mining) materials. The Forestry Commission has no right to come and take away my (mining) materials. I called the region’s Forestry Commission and they said they are not aware (of this expedition).

Mr Akuko retorted “Don’t you know the government of Ghana can issue a permit for this work?”, when one of the officials of the Commission insisted that his activity in the forest was illegal.

Source: Fuseini

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