Woman Recounts How She Lost Unborn Baby, Husband, & Husband’s Successor After Taking COVID Jab

A woman, introducing herself as Dorcas has recounted at a press conference organised by a group calling itself Coalition For Public Health and Justice and comprising of medical doctors, scientists, lawyers, and pastors, businessmen, and women, how she lost her husband, unborn child and a successor to her husband after taking the COVID-19 jab.

According to her, the jab she took was the first consignment of vaccines that arrived in the country.

She notes that she began feeling sick two weeks after taking the jab, necessitating the need to visit the hospital, where she was confirmed pregnant.

She narrated that “Unaware I was pregnant, I went in for the jab. I began feeling sick after two weeks so I went to the hospital and it was confirmed that I was pregnant. I conducted a scan and then I was given some medication but the uneasiness persisted so I went to the hospital again and the doctor changed my medication and asked me to return after two weeks.

“When I returned the doctor told me that the baby was dead after I took another scan. I was told the amniotic fluid had dried up and so I had to do a D&C. I went to another hospital and it was confirmed that indeed my baby was dead in my womb. I went in for the D&C but it wasn’t successful so I was given medication. The doctor asked if I had taken the jab but didn’t say anything when I told him I had”.

Another dear person she lost due to the vaccine, she said, was her husband.

“My husband told me he was feeling sick so I took him to 37(37 Military Hospital). They performed a lot of lab tests on him but couldn’t ascertain what was wrong with him. He died after two days. He had also been vaccinated. When I was going for his death certificate, I was told he died of covid”, she said.

Next on her line of losses was her husband’s successor at the workplace. She confirms the man took the jab on a Monday and collapsed at the workplace the next day which was a Tuesday and was confirmed dead at a hospital.

“The person who succeeded my husband took the jab after the funeral activities of my husband. He told me that day that he feels sick after taking the jab and he’s been to the hospital but has been directed to take paracetamol. On Tuesday, he went to the workplace. While on a phone call his phone suddenly fell. People around realised he was losing consciousness so he was rushed to the hospital and admitted to the emergency ward where he was pronounced dead. The doctors later told his family that his veins had been blocked and his blood clotted causing the death”, Dorcas, clad in black recounted before the press.

The coalition says twelve months after the COVID-19 vaccine rollout globally, there have been 1000 reports on the adverse effects such as Paralysis, menstrual abnormalities, blood clot myocarditis, pericarditis, cardiomyopathy, vaccine-induced thrombotic cytopenia and autoimmunity resulting in death, cerebral haemorrhage, thromboembolism, etc.

The group, mounting pressure on the government to stop the mandatory vaccination and its promotion, said the vaccines are not necessary, they are not efficient nor are they safe.

The group does not get why the government seeks to create the impression that the vaccines are the only available solution to COVID-19 while there are Oral antiviral drugs whose efficacy have been tested and proven.

Dr. Timothy Armagh, vice president of the Coalition and leader of Concerned Ghanaian Doctors-the group that wrote to the presidency to halt the mandatory vaccination- said “We cannot in good conscience stand by and watch the lives of innocent Ghanaians be gambled away and their basic freedom and rights of health abused”.

The group has labelled the vaccination rollout in Ghana, illegal.

Source: Fuseini

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