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What Happened To 4 Accomplices Of Aisha Huang In 2018?, Ablakwa Asks

Member of Parliament for North Tongu Constituency, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa has brought up a “missing important element” in the Aisha Huang saga.

The element, he said, is about the four other Chinese suspects who were arrested with Aisha Huang in 2017.

The four, he recalls, are Gao Jin Chen, Lu Qi Jun, Haibin Gao and Zhang Zhipeng.

Unlike Aisha Huang who is reported to have been repatriated in 2018, nothing is known about the four.

“Like Aisha Huang — were they deported or repatriated? Did they flee or did they sneak out? Were they allowed to stay in Ghana all these years, and do we know exactly what they are doing in our country? If they ever left, have they also been allowed to sneak back in?”, he asked.

He believes Ghanaians have every right to know what happened to the Chinese nationals.

“The good people of Ghana have absolutely every right to know what happened to those 4 Chinese Galamsey Gangsters who were immediately discharged together with Aisha Huang by His Lordship Justice Edward Ekow Baiden when government filed its unpatriotic and nation-wrecking nolle prosequi on December 19, 2018.”

He concluded, “If government finally opens up now, and gives transparency a chance, it may help reduce their tribulations in Parliament when the House resumes in a few weeks”.

Source: Fuseini

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