August 12, 2022

Release Needed Funds To The OSP; Corruption Watch Commands Gov’t

Corruption Watch Ghana has ordered the government to release funds required by the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) to undertake its mandate.

This call comes after the OSP successfully retrieved over One million cedis cash from Labianca Company Limited after an investigation revealed the latter had engaged in influence peddling in securing a markdown of 10%-15% benchmark values for its imports through its CEO who is a Council of State Member.

According to Corruption Watch, this feat by the OSP in its financial handicaps shows that it can fight corruption effectively if supplied with all needed funds.

It said that “We note that the OSP’s action fulfils one of its core functions, which is the recovery and management of the proceeds of corruption and corruption-related offences”.

“In the wake of this report, it has been evidently clear that the OSP can become an effective institutional tool for fighting corruption if Government were to release to the Office all funds allocated to it.

“Therefore, the government must as a matter of urgency, cause the release of funds to the OSP to enable it to undertake its mandate”, it said in a statement.

Source: Fuseini

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