August 11, 2022

Nothing Binds The President To Reshuffle His Appointees – AFAG, PNC’s Asante

Vice Chairman of Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG), and People’s National Convention (PNC) Mr. Henry Asante has stated that nothing binds the president of Ghana to reshuffle his cabinet members or appointees.

According to him, the Constitution has made the president so powerful even than the American president to the extent that no entity can drag the president legally to reshuffle his government officials when the need arises.

Mr. Asante speaking on Opemsuo Radio with Agudey said, Ghana’s Constitution has entrusted unlimited powers to the president, and such allows him to appoint and revoke the appointment. In this case, the president acts in respect to his mandate on the said issue.

He stated that had it not been this case, the president should have listened to the voice of the masses to know that there is something wrong with his cabinet.

The economic situation derails every day and the president should take a keen interest to work tirelessly to reduce the degree of the situation.

Mr. Henry Asante stated President Akufo-Addo’s comment that “those calling for reshuffle in his government are either the NDC or those who are jobless and want employment” is a confirmation that the system is inactive.

According to him, if the president acknowledges that there are some people who are unemployed and want a job then he should know that the system he has created is not good favouring only a few and sidelining the majority.

He said that the level of privileges given to Article 71 Holders is huge creating unfairness in the system where teachers are given little as their salaries and parliamentarians being offered a huge amount of money with extra benefits.

These are imbalance in the system that has dragged so many professionals into the sector where they think could benefit from the privileged side.

Source: Effah Mensah William

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