May 13, 2022

Opemsuo Radio At 2: Food Bazaar Hit Outdoor Programme

The tradition of Ghana is somehow slowly fading away and being substituted with that of the Whiteman.

A lot of Ghanaian kids have no idea of local foods like fufu and ‘Abunabunu’ (taro leaves) soup, ‘Nuhuu’, ‘Aprapransa’, Diehuo (Tuozaafi), ‘Akaw’ and ‘ahurigya’.

As part of the programme outline of Opemsuo radio’s outdoor event at the Kumasi racecourse market, these sumptuous and mouth-watering traditional meals were prepared by some of the market traders.

They took the listeners and virtual viewers through the costs and preparation of the meals.

According to the cooks, it cost GHc200 to prepare the TZ, GHc500 for Nuhu, GHc10,000 for the Aprapransa, Ghc120 for Ahurigya, and GHc300 for “Akaw” with pepper sauce.

One of the cooks said it took about two hours to prepare Aprapransa and it is eaten for breakfast and lunch.

“During school days, we would roast plantain after that we would put it in a salt solution. It is eaten with pepper and salted fish. It takes an hour to make it. It is eaten as breakfast”, the cook took listeners through the preparation of Ahurigya.

Akaw is medicinal, the cook said, noting that it is eaten with the two hands.

“You take the cooked cocoyam with your left hand and peel its skin with the right hand and then you eat it with your pepper sauce”, she said.

Source: Fuseini

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