August 18, 2022

Musician’s Pants Taken Off By Soldiers In Public

A viral video featuring a young Ghanaian man identified as Theo Versace, a musician, showed some military men taking possession of his pants.

The video captured the musician, another civilian and two military men.

First, the musician was instructed by one of the officers to kneel, to which he complied and seconds later got up on his feet and then took off his pants and handed over to one of the officers.

The pants conformed to military-pattern uniforms.

The other civilian, yet to be identified, throughout the scene is seen pleading with the military men but got snubbed.

Right after handing over the pants to the officers, Theo hops into his Range Rover while the officers turn away to leave. Meanwhile the other civilian is left behind.

The incident was captured in a quiet street.

It is recalled that the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) in July said it was embarking on a series of exercises to curb the unlawful use of military-pattern uniforms and accoutrements.

This, it said, was in view of the use of the military uniform for impersonations and perpetration of crimes.

Source: Fuseini

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