May 5, 2022

I Pray Things Get Better; Journalist On Press Freedom In Ghana

“I pray things get better! I hope they get better”, broadcast journalist Bridget Otoo has said prayers for Ghana after the release of the 2022 World Press Freedom Index composed by Reporters Without Borders.

The prayer was said after she narrated how she “blindly” defended her homeland during a discussion on “Women in Media” in the United States of America in 2018 while studying outside the country, only to return to Ghana to find out the press was not free after all.

“The year was 2018, I was on a full US government scholarship #YALI2018 and I remember being on a panel to discuss women in media. During my presentation, I proudly pointed out that Ghana was ranked higher than the US on the Press freedom index. I felt the gasp and complete silence in the room. They were shocked, I backed it with stats and continued my presentation.

“When I came back to Ghana, my best friend from GIJ, Suzie introduced me to cement while I figured out what else to do with my media experience. I noticed in 2019 a lot had changed there were arbitrary arrests, clamp down on “anti-government stations” and not long after, in 2019 Ahmed Suale was murdered..… still can’t believe it”, she shared in a Facebook post.

She added that “It’s 2022 and the numbers are there to show. I’m happy that I’m not in America to defend our current ranking.”

Source: Fuseini

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