February 16, 2022

Former President Kufour’s Take On Coup

Former President John Agyekum Kuffour says he will not at any point buy into the idea of a coup d’etat anywhere in the world due to implications that come with it.

Speaking in an interview on Voice over America (VOA), the former president of Ghana said “It’s not an experience I will recommend to any generation so I wouldn’t advise anybody to do a coup d’etat”.

He opined that “It comes from faceless people you do not know, you haven’t given anything to keep for you or manage for you and they may not even be competent enough to do anything. If they come, they use an opportunity and come to impose themselves on you and destroy your life.”

He also advised heads of states to abide by the constitution and limit themselves to the constitutionally formulated tenure.

“Try to live by the oath to people, it is the underpinning of good governance. If you think that the period is too short, use the constitutional means to convince the people to amend the constitution or reform the constitution to lengthen the tenure, but don’t play smart and when you have to step down, don’t say the people have decided and there is a third term. In a way, you push people into feeling they too can take things into their own hands by doing things they shouldn’t do”.

Source: opemsuo.com/Hajara Fuseini

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