#Fixthecountry Satisfied With Police Conduct During Protest

The #Fixthecountry campaigners have expressed gratitude to persons who took part in the #4thAugustDemo to register displeasure at “bad governance” in the country.
In a statement the organisers said, “We thank the several thousands of people who showed up yesterday to express the urgency of their frustrations and to back the call to #Fixthecountry”.
“Yesterday, we witnessed the biggest non-partisan citizen’s demonstration in the country’s history. We were delighted to see both young and old people in their Ghana colours rather than party colours marching and pouring their hearts out, demanding better for our country”, they added.
The campaigners “acknowledged the professional conduct of the Ghana Police on the ground”, adding that “that should be the mode of crowd management and mass gatherings”.
They also used the release to announce the launch of a one million subscribers for a new constitution for the country.
Below is a copy of the press release:

Source: Fuseini
Editor: Rev. Oppong Baah

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