‘Expensive Roof Over A Foundationless Structure!’- Saddick Adams Pens Down

Sports Journalist, Saddick Adams has described Ghanaian football as an “Expensive roof over a foundationless structure!”.

This was after the award-winning journalist juxtaposed treats coaches and players of the national team, the Black Stars enjoy, to that of coaches and players in the junior national teams in Ghana.

He decried the fact that the payment of salaries of “the men supposed to select and train players into becoming Black Stars” have been defaulted for two years now, while coaches of the national team earn millions of dollars as salaries.

In a Facebook post, he wrote:

We’re able to pay over millions of dollars in salaries to the coaches of the Black Stars in one year.

But coaches and assistants from U-15, U-17, U-20 & U-23 have gone two years without salaries.

The coaches selecting players from grassroots to feed the team you watch on TV have not been paid since they were hired in February 2020. TWO years.

How does the GFA and Government expect them to survive? And in reality, how do they survive? You expect fair selection in such an awkward system?

The very damning and critical issues with our football that parliament and public avoid cos it’s not on TV. Of course, we as a country love the fantasies and exciting the gallery.

We have millions of dollars to promise and pay winning bonuses to Black Stars players and spend millions to pay salaries and compensation to expat coaches but the men suppose to select and train them into becoming Black Stars are UNPAID.

Expensive roof over a foundationless structure!

Source: Fuseini

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