CSOs Hit Street Against Auditor-General

Civil Society Organisers and some citizens have hit the streets of Accra to protest against the Auditor General, Johnson Akuamoah.

The coalition of CSOs and citizens have tagged today a “Red Monday”.

The protest is against the failure of the A-G to exercise his disallowance and surcharge powers as enshrined in Article 187(7)(b) of the Auditor General’s Act.

The law states that the Auditor General “may disallow any item of expenditure which is contrary to law and surcharge: the amount of any expenditure disallowed upon the person responsible for incurring or authorising the expenditure; any sum which has not been duly brought into account, upon the person by whom the sum ought to have been brought into account; or the amount of any loss or deficiency, upon any person by whose negligence or misconduct the loss or deficiency has been incurred”.

Addressing the public, the protesters said they were “registering our protest against the refusal to exercise his surcharge powers which is the Auditor General. To disallow and surcharge people who have been implicated in 2019, 2020 and 2021 reports. If you have read the report he has been issuing, you have realised that it is replete with all kinds of malpractice. If we are going to stop ourselves from going to the IMF every four years or eight years or whatever, we need to take accountability seriously”.

They will be picketing at the Office of the A-G.

Source: Fuseini.

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