April 4, 2023

Calls For PHEF: Govt Doing Its Best But PHEF Will Speed Up Processes, Says Head Of Manhyia Public Unit

The Head of the Public Health Unit at the Manhyia District Hospital in the Ashanti Region has pushed for the introduction of the Public Health Emergency Fund (PHEF).

According to Martha Danso, the establishment of the fund will speed up processes towards Public Health Education and activities.

“It’ll help all of us. You’ll hear of the outbreak of a pandemic but the support doesn’t come that very day because the government has to sit down and deliberate with partners before, the government doesn’t do it alone so they have WHO, US-AID and all supporting. There won’t be financial support for other activities if the government does this alone but if the fund is introduced then we will be able to respond to it as soon as possible,”the Public Health Nurse said.

She added that it will make the construction of district laboratory and research facilities possible to ease pressure on the Accra-based one.

Madam Danso explained that, “if there happens to be a case to be tested at the labs we can do that instantly with the help of the fund and offer treatment. Most of the time, lab tests are carried to Nogucchi in Accras so with the fund there won’t be the need to travel to Korle Bu.

Madam Danso noted that the government in partnership with foreign donors are doing well in terms of support for the Public Health Unit, however a Public Health Fund will ensure rapid response towards disease outbreak.

“Fortunately for us the government is doing its best, but if the fund exists it will make support come immediately.”

The issue came up when Martha Danso in an interview gave an update on the unit’s source and level of support from the government.



Source: opemsuo.com/Monica Mary Appiah-Manu

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