April 4, 2023

Tomato Sellers Cry Over Prices

Tomatoes sellers in Ashanti Region have disclosed they are being forced to hike prices of the commodity due to the astronomical increase in prices of tomatoes coming in from farmers in Burkina Faso.

The sellers who travel from Ghana to Burkina Faso for the commodities say prices of tomatoes have increased more than 100 percent forcing them to transfer the cost burden to the final consumers in Ghana.

The traders among other things blamed the situation on the appreciation of the CFA franc against the cedi, exponential increase in transportation of the commodity and the consistent attacks on traders by some armed men in Burkina Faso.

Some explained that the appreciation of the CFA franc meant that traders needed more of the cedi to get the same boxes of tomatoes they usually buy from farmers and called on authorities to intervene.


Source: opemsuo.com/Gloria Opoku

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