June 29, 2022

Police Warn Arise Ghana Demonstrators Against Use Of Catapults

The Ghana Police Service has sent out a warning to participants of the Arise Ghana Demonstration, a two-day demonstration organised by a coalition over the “worsening economic situation of the country”.

After the first day ended chaotically with twelve police officers and some demonstrators sustaining injuries, the police want to leave no gap for such a situation today as the protest folds up.

A WhatsApp chat shared by the police featured a picture of a catapult and follow-up messages saying “This is what we will use today. Make my words”.

Source: Ghana Police Service

The Police Service, by that, advised the protestors to desist from that agenda.

“The police hereby caution these individuals who intend to foment trouble to desist from such unlawful conduct as the police will take all necessary professionally driven measures to enforce the law and protect life and property”.

Yesterday, reports indicate that protesters pelted stones at the police officers when the former decided to use a route contrary to what had been approved by the court.

Subsequently, the police reported that 29 persons were arrested.

Source: opemsuo.com/Hajara Fuseini

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