Non-Ghanaians likely to Win Awards in Ghanaian Drill Music – DJ Slim

Popular DJ Slim has raised a critical concern about the future of Ghanaian Drill music in an interview on Opemsuo Radio’s Kumasefie with Mr. Black on July 22. According to him, if Ghanaian artistes do not wake up from their slumber, non-Ghanaians could end up winning awards in the Ghanaian Drill music genre.

The conversation centered around the recent addition of Ghanaian Drill music to the African Best African Music Performance category at the Grammy Awards.

While this recognition is undoubtedly a milestone for the genre, DJ Slim stressed that it also opens the door for non-Ghanaians to compete in the category with Ghanaian Drill and potentially win awards.

In response to claims by some Nigerian artistes that Ghanaian Drill originated from Nigeria, he confidently highlighted that the crucial factor is not the genre’s origin but rather who propelled it to prominence.

He used the analogy of basketball, where the sport originated in Canada but is now hugely popular in the United States.

“This Ghanaian Drill, the originator is the person who made it popular. Compare basketball in Canada where it originated from and America where it is now popular. When you mention Basketball, we think of America not Canada” 

To safeguard the genre’s identity and ensure that Ghanaian artistes remain at the forefront, DJ Slim called on artistes to take charge and elevate the music to even greater heights.

He emphasized the need to make Ghanaian Drill music even more popular, thereby solidifying its association with Ghana and preventing artistes from other countries from claiming ownership.


Story by Adwoa S. Danso

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