Nigerians Pick Sides as Wizkid and Davido Clash Online

Wizkid and Davido, two of Nigeria’s biggest musicians, have captivated social media users across the nation with a war of words.

The two superstars have millions of fans across the world and have long been considered rivals. Many Nigerian music lovers class themselves as either “Team Wizkid” or “Team Davido”.

A skirmish between the two began on Monday night after fans on social media platform X begged Wizkid to release a new song.

He responded to the requests by posting a video, which had previously been circulated widely, of a man on his knees, begging an unknown person for a favour.

Wizkid told his fans that if they begged him like the man in the clip, he would drop his new song.

Previously, social media users suggested the subject of the video in question is Davido, but the 31-year-old star has not commented on the rumours.

On Monday night, Davido responded to Wizkid’s taunt by saying he refuses to waste his “clout” on “someone whose career was resurrected a few years ago just to die again”.

As well as drawing attention on social media, the clash has sparked debate on blogs and between fans offline.

Fans of both singers are still having a field day defending their idols and popular music channel Hip TV has launched a poll on X in a bid to determine which musician has “won” the battle.

Wizkid and Davido are arguably two of Africa’s biggest music stars. They have both won several MTV and BET music awards and have collaborated with international artists including Drake, Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj.

Source: BBC

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