Kwaku Chainz Discloses Why He Doesn’t Want People To know His True Identity

Appiah Dankwah, popularly known as Kwaku Chainz on Social Media, has indicated why he has not yet disclosed his identity.

Kwaku Chainz has become a household name following his hilarious short videos and an exciting way of describing various issues.

He is well-known as 3b3fa Movement President which literally means a great hope in the future.

In all these many videos on Social Media to sparkle the internet with humor, his true identity is yet to be known.

Speaking exclusively on Opemsuo 104.7 FM entertainment program, Kumasefie hosted by Mr. Black, the intelligent yet funny to the core explained why he doesn’t want people to know his true identity.

“I am not rich and can’t afford a lot of things and as a result I still use the social amenities like public toilet and so on. Buying porridge every morning in my area is something i do all the time and when i am known by the masses, doing these things will be a problem for me.”

Kumasefie on Opemsuo 104.7 FM is an entertainment program aired on every Saturday between 3pm and 6pm with the core mandate of reviving the entertainment industry of Kumasi and Ghana at large.

Source: Opemsuo.com / Sasu Danquah

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