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Obour’s Konkontiba must be Banned- Feminist

Feminist activist, Abena Benewaa Fosu has mounted an advocacy for the ban of Obour’s Konkontiba track released two decades ago.

According to the founder and director of the sexual and reproductive health non-profit Yebetumi, the song promotes pedophilia and thereby the call for its ban.

She argues that the lyrics of the song as well as some others have the capacity to create considerable damage to the perception of men about women.

“The song Konkontiba by Obour should be banned. It shouldn’t be played anywhere because that song promotes pedophilia. In the song it says that catch them young and they shall be yours. {With this song} he is basically promoting grown men grooming little girls and {therefore} promoting pedophilia,” she said on TV3’s New Day.

“Anytime I hear that song I’m like ‘oh my God, this song shouldn’t be played anywhere’. We listen to these songs which are part of pop culture, internalize them and it becomes so normal to us that we don’t see anything wrong with it.”

She also alluded to another song that implies a woman owes her body to a man when he takes her out for dinner.

She said this has the tendency to increase sexual abuse on the part of men in the face of resistance by the women.

“Konkontiba” was released in 2004 by Bice Osei Kufour, popularly known as Obour on his Atumpan Album and inarguably made waves. It topped as favourite on the album and has stood the test of time, as a timeless craft in the ears of listeners in this age.

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