Stop Sensationalizing News For Quick Money – Actress Mercy Asiedu

Renowned Kumawood actress and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Mesduah Production, Oheneyere Mercy Duah, popularly known as Mercy Asiedu, has called on the media to uphold professionalism and avoid sensationalizing news for quick money.

Addressing the media upon her arrival from the United States at Kumasi Airport, she expressed her concerns. Oheneyere emphasized that only God knows one’s destiny, not any individual, and it is time Ghanaians avoid false publications against prominent or well-known individuals.

She clarified that she was not sick, as some outlets claimed. Rather, she traveled to the USA for Christmas holidays in good health.

However, certain bloggers spread rumours that she underwent surgery abroad and had died during the procedure.

In response to the false information, Oheneyere Mercy Duah and her husband, Nana Agyemang Badu II (Kunsuhene), have instructed their lawyer to investigate the matter.

Her husband expressed gratitude for the support received from Ghanaians at the Kumasi Airport upon their arrival.

He explained that he realized that the story was entirely false, as his wife was in good health when he visited her in the US.

Kunsuhene urged the government to take action against those who spread false news, emphasizing that the law should hold such individuals accountable.

Story by Adwoa Serwaa Yonkodo

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