Nima Riot: Bombom Gang Ringleader Arrested

The leader of the Bombom gang, Ali Awudu has been arrested by the police service for his alleged involvement in the “gangsterism” that transpired on January 18, 2022, between two feuding gangs.

He was arrested in a similar fashion in which the leader of the opposition Kumordzi gang, Ibrahim Hussein was arrested- through an intelligence-led operation.

Awudu was rounded up by the police in Aflao.

“His arrest means that the leaders of the two groups are both going to be taken through the due process of the law. Suspect Ibrahim Hussein alias Kumordzi, leader of the Kumordzi group was earlier arrested on February 4, 2022, in a similar intelligence-led exercise”, the police noted in a statement.

Currently, the police have arrested fourteen in connection to the riot that injured at least two victims “are still pursuing other members of the gang to bring them to face justice”.