June 21, 2022

National Cathedral: I Support It But Not The Corrupt Means Involved- Baba Jamal

Former Akwatia MP, Baba Jamal has stated that he is in support of the National Cathedral Project but not the corrupt means involved in its establishment.

He is of the view that, the state has refused the actual information on the source of funding for the project.

He says, the NPP government initially informed Ghanaians that the project which is going to be an individual one would be funded not with taxpayer’s money.

“I am one of the people who supported the building of the National Cathedral but it’s sad that some government officials told Ghanaians that the project will not be funded by state money. We were told private investors, churches and any individual will source funding for the project, so how come the state’s money is a target now for funding.”

Mr. Jamal describes as illegal the process through which the state’s money is being pulled for the project.

“What is sad about this is that, state money is being stolen for the project, it’s not like its following legal processes because any expense not captured in the budget and pursued through one’s own will is illegal.”

“If you knew the national cathedral was a state project you should have disclosed that in the very beginning that it’s going to be a state property which will be funded by the state, then we would put in place plans that qualify it as a state project. But they stated otherwise and now you’re maneuvering your way to get the money from the nation’s coffers. We are not against the project, it’s the corrupt processes attached.”

Source: Opemsuo.com/ Monica M. Appiah-Manu

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