Ghanaians Mix Democracy with Revolution – Abdul Salam

Mr Abdul Salam, the Ashanti Regional Secretary of CPP, has condemned Bryan Acheampong, MP for Abetifi and Minister for Food and Agriculture, for saying that NPP will never hand over power to the opposition NDC in 2024. He said that, Ghanaians mix democracy with revolution.

Speaking on Nkwantannanso on Opemsuo Radio, the CPP Regional Secretary explained that, democracy has nothing to do with violence. It has ethics and it is guided by the 1992 constitution of Ghana but revolution on the other hand is “the stronger, the ruler”.

“It is as if in Africa, we mix revolution with democracy. It seems we have forgotten about democracy because we live in peace. We tend to believe war can never happen in Ghana. The war in Rwanda, Cote d’voire and Nigeria were as a result of what a political leader said,” he emphasized.

He advised Ghanaians to consider such comments by politicians in deciding who to vote for.

“It seems NDC and NPP have taken Ghanaians for granted. If Bryan Acheampong had made these comments in a developed country, he would have been in trouble. He would have been sacked or forced to resign,” he added.

Mr Salam expressed shock at the comments considering the fact that Mr Acheampong was once a Minister of State in charge of security and a former member of the American Armed Forces.

He said that making such statements affects the government in power because no investor would invest in a country where there is instability.

“There are experts who speculate about the economic growth of a country by listening to comments by political leaders. One of the indicators of economic growth is stability. No investor will invest in a country where there is possibility of violence or war. At a time when we need investors, we are rather inciting war,” he lamented.

Bryan Acheampong while addressing NPP supporters in the Eastern Region said that his party will use every means to ensure it remains in government at all cost.

His comment triggered reactions from some Ghanaians including the opposition, National Democratic Congress (NDC), who called for his arrest and prosecution.

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