January 17, 2023

NABCO Trainees Threaten Picketing At Finance Ministry

The NABCO Trainees Association of Ghana has threatened to picket at the Finance Ministry to demand their eight months stipend from the government.

This comes barely a month after the government paid one of the nine arrears in December 2022.

“This is the upteenth time we are reminding the government that beneficiaries of NABCO are still owed eight months of their stipend”, the President of the Association, Dennis Katakyie said in a press statement.

He referenced the current economic hardship and demanded immediate payment of their allowances.

“Considering the current economic turmoil, where those in active employment are bemoaning the hardship, how does government expect us to fend for ourselves and relatives?”

Aside from the allowance he outlined other grievances of the personnel.


“Current payment that was made to cover December 2022 still haven’t still have some validated trainees not receiving their, coupled with reposted GRA trainees also being unattended to”.

He noted that his outfit will be forced to picket at the office of the finance Ministry if this persists.

In their previous press release, the trainees said they were resolved to use “strong” measures to retrieve their remaining allowance in arrears from the government of Ghana.

This decision was taken at a meeting held by members of the NABCO Trainees Association of Ghana on December 22 after the government paid one out of its nine outstanding allowances in arrears last month.

Katakyie noted that the group was ready to “do everything possible” to get the remaining eight.

Beneficiaries have already tried various means to get the government to clear the debt which has not borne much fruit.

After a demonstration in August and a series of media engagements, the government paid one out of the ten-month arrears on September 23.

A planned picketing at the Jubilee House by the trainees was hindered by the police for security reasons.


Source: opemsuo.com/Hajara Fuseini

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