March 9, 2023

Mahama Comments On Ashaiman-Military Saga

Ghana’s former Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, John Dramani Mahama, has urged the military to exercise restraint in response to the death of Imoro Sherrif, a personnel.



In a Facebook post, he said the law should be made to take its full course in this regard.



The Military on Tuesday, March 7 stormed Ashaiman in Accra following the murder of their colleague in the area on Saturday, March 4.



The operation by the military was sanctioned by the military high command and led to the arrest of 184 residents.



According to the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF), the operation was not to avenge the death of Imoro but to fish out perpetrators of the crime.



Dozens of residents were abused in the process and this action by the military has been widely condemned.



In reaction to the murder of Imoro who met his untimely death while on his way to visit his parents in Ashaiman, Mr Mahama said, he was “deeply saddened”.



He urged the military to exercise restraint for the law to take its full course.



“As your former Commander in Chief, I do appreciate how such unexpected deaths affect the Force. However, I encourage you to exercise restraint and allow due process to investigate, apprehend, prosecute and punish the perpetrator(s) of the dastardly act.



“There are obviously many people who live and work in Ashaiman who are innocent of this heinous crime. The military must, therefore, refrain from meting out extra-judicial justice to them.”



He also sympathised with victims of the military “torture”.



According to him, the development has the capacity to brew tensions between the GAF and the residents of Ashaiman if the necessary steps are not taken.


“I pray we find peace and harmony in our dear country, as the government and state institutions immediately step in to address this potentially inflammatory development between Ashaiman and the Ghana Armed Forces.”




Source: Fuseini

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