Lawyer Tamakloe: Release Ghs2billion From The Price Stabilization Fund

A Lawyer and Aide to Former President, John Dramani Mahama, Edudzi Tamakloe has called for the release of GHS2billion by the government from the Price Stabilization Fund.

The Lawyer says, the Price Stabilization Fund is meant to support the state and that its release will be prudent in the midst of these fuel price hikes.

“Parliament made the law and stated that the money should be reserved for difficult times and so this is the time Akufo-Addo and Bawumia have to release the money from the fund. The president has to release the money from the price stabilization fund immediately; it is a requirement of the law. The president cannot act in his own will because he is a president in a democratic country and not a chief.”

He said, “the energy sector levy act derived over GHS2 billion, why is President Akuffo Addo refusing to release it?”

He added that the fund which benefits from driver’s contributions whenever they make fuel purchases must be visited to ease the burden on citizens in hard times.

“Anytime trotros and taxis ply the road they contribute to the price stabilization levy which is meant to cushion them in hard times.

Lawyer Tamakloe blames the president and his Vice for the increment on fuel prices due to their inability to release the amount of GHS2 billion from the fund.

He accuses their inability to release the amount also concludes to misappropriation.

“Ask Nana Addo where the GHS2 billion lies. The money is nowhere to be found, if you ask Finance Minister Ofori Atta he says it’s with the consolidated fund and has been used for other purposes, he added.”

Source: M. Appiah-Manu

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