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Ghana Judges, Magistrates Deny Taking “Ex-Gratia”

The Association of Judges and Magistrates of Ghana (AMJG) has denied publications that superior court judges and Magistrates in the country take gratuity, what is known as Ex-Gratia after every four years.

During a press conference, the association described the allegation as false and baseless.

It insisted that Ex-Gratia is not a familiar term with the profession of its members.

“The Association of Magistrates and Judges of Ghana would like to state without any equivocation whatsoever that allegation with regard to the payment of Ex-Gratia to Judges and Magistrates of the superior court every four years is false and baseless.

Justice Henry Kwofie, President of the Association of Magistrates and Judges in Ghana noted that the press is rather mistaking the payment of the Judges’ back pay for Ex-Gratia.

“And we would like to, as an association, set the record straight, that arrears of salary or back pay paid to superior court judges after their salaries have been determined which is mischievously been described as Ex-Gratia by the press, particularly on radio, on television, on some social media platforms by sometimes seasoned and senior journalists and sometimes by so-called social media commentators who never attempt to find out the truth.

“The Association would like to state categorically that no superior court judge takes or has ever been paid Ex-Gratia as far as remuneration of judges and magistrates are concerned”, he emphasised.

Source: Fuseini

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