April 6, 2023

John Dumelo Predicts Insurgency After 10% Tax On Betting Wins

Actor cum farmer, John Dumelo, foresees an insurgency by the youth of Ghana following the government’s decision to tax “all aspects of their lives”.

According to him, despite the government’s inability to create jobs, it continues to tax all avenues of income for the same.

This comment follows the passage of a 10% withholding tax at the point of payout deduction from winnings from lotteries, sports betting, and games of chance.

Also, betting companies operating in the country will be deducted a 20% tax on gains.

The tax falls under one of the three taxes that were approved on March 31 by Parliament.

Already, some wagerers have taken to Twitter to vent out their anger describing the bet as unfair.

“Taxation is crucial for government revenue, but the 10% tax on all bets may harm Ghana’s youth who already face economic challenges. Many young people rely on betting due to the lack of job opportunities, taking 10% from our betting earnings seems unfair,” one Twitter user posted.

Adding his voice up, John Dumelo who is also a politician said, “Create jobs, you won’t create. The youth have created their own jobs too ahhh, you want to tax their winnings…..continue.”

“That day will come when the youth will rise against you. It will be too late”, he tweeted on Thursday, almost a week after Parliament approved.

According to the government, the three taxes are among the conditions that need to be satisfied to get the $3 billion International Monetary Fund (IMF) bailout.

The government argues that at 13%, Ghana has the lowest tax-to-GDP ratio in West Africa and plans to raise it to 20%.

But critics have been digging past clips of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government while in opposition in which they {NPP} criticised the taxation by the now-opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) and promised the opposite.

Unions have also risen against the taxes.

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