December 15, 2021

It Is Time To Stop The Nation Bleeding To Extinction

The Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu, has appealed to all stakeholders in the governmental structure to help hold the administration accountable and to prevent the country from perishing in what he described as ‘time to stop the nation bleeding to extinction’.

“I ask our leaders from all shades of political opinion, our social commentators who control the space for public discourse, and captains of finance and business whose enterprises depend on the climate for success, IT IS TIME TO STOP THE NATION BLEEDING TO EXTINCTION”.

According to Otumfuo, When the art of governing becomes too rigid and inflexible, the hunt for an irresistible force and an unconventional road to opposition becomes necessary.

“When the art of governance becomes overly rigid and inflexible, it invites the search for an irresistible force and an unorthodox path to resistance”.

Speaking at the launch of The Asantehene Commemorative Gold Coins On Sunday, December 12, Otumfuo went on to say that, in political history, the country has been fortunate in that it has moved on from an era when one political party ruled everything. At this point, each of the two major political parties has served in office. However, it is universally acknowledged that there is no such thing as an ideal government and that there will never be one as long as different points of view coexist.

“We have been fortunate in our political journey to have moved on from a period when one political party dominated everything. Today, at least the two main political parties have each had a period in government. If we are honest, we will agree there is no perfect government and there will never be as long as different points of view prevail”.

“The good people of Ghana take great pride in their commitment to democratic governance. We have been proud to be an oasis of peace in an isle of torrent and our record as a thriving democracy has served us well and made us the chosen destination of many investors. What we dare not forget is that Democracy is not a static object. Nothing in statecraft is. Democracy is a work in progress, he said.

Source: Emmanuel Owusu Anti.

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