May 19, 2022

Importance Of Porcupine To Human Race

Porcupines are members of any of the fifty eight (58) species of rodents covered with coats of rigid or semi rigid quills.

To the porcupine, its quill is a protective mechanism against predators but to men, reports say it can be a major breakthrough.

Studies have found that quills are covered with barbs and scales that penetrate skin and help the quill lodge into tissues firmly.

According to a report by Crazy Creatures, the porcupine quills are extremely resistant to buckling under pressure and could hold the secret to lighter, stronger materials.

“This could inspire future materials for buildings and vehicles.

“The quills’ mix of shell, foam and stiffeners could also help us design biologically inspire structures. According to the University of Toronto, the foam in quills helps them absorb energy and light weight.

“If we could design medical needles and surgical staples with the same structure, they would be much smaller, require 56% less force to enter flesh and likely cause less damage to our tissues

Source: Crazy Creature

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